Many of our initiatives are designed to support the emergence of the “sustainable economy” through design, graphics, research, and other services. This includes assistance in finding appropriate locations for new enterprises; in formulating suggested policy planning; and in defense of natural systems and restoration of biodiversity.


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is about changing the way we construct our environment, from our buildings to our food production, to protect the earth and its systems.

Why?  Our society now has the knowledge and technologies to adequately respond to problems of climate change, humanitarian crisis, and species extinction. Despite our capabilities, we are still far from living truly sustainable lifestyles. The built environment is the primary source of pollution and environmental degradation. Buildings alone–not including agriculture and other infrastructure–contribute to over 40% of green house gases, all of which could be eliminated using current technologies. Our most pressing challenge is the translation of knowledge and sustainable technologies into widespread practice.

Earthos is dedicated to accelerating the translation of sustainable knowledge into practice in the built environment. We offer a unique combination of expertise in architecture/urban planning and nonprofit collaborative enterprise. This combination allows us to establish effective cross-disciplinary teams that can develop and implement design practice models that promote true sustainability.

Our Mission...
Earthos’ mission is to establish measurable practice models that better fit human activities with the Earth’s ecosystems. Areas of focus include:

•    Urban Agriculture

•    Renewable Energy

•    Sustainable Building

•    Efficient Transportation

•    Restoration of Biodiversity

Our Work...
Earthos is dedicated to creating new lifestyles informed by scientific feedback to create truly sustainable communities.

We facilitate open-sourced, cross disciplinary inquiry, by:

•    conducting transparent research into sustainable practices;
•    evaluating those methods in partnership with scientists;
•    sharing the findings with the public through education and publication; and
•    applying research findings to ongoing design and construction projects.

In addition to our research initiatives, we offer a wide range of related services to our clients:

•    a full range of LEED related services;
•    the New Economy Incubator business and prototype development services;
•    architectural, interior, graphic and software design services or coordination; and
•    feasibility analysis and urban design study support.


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