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Earthos will facilitate the rapid implementation of sustainable design and building technologies in order to establish models of self sustaining regions. The core work of Earthos is to establish regional resource budgets for water, food and energy, and create desirable and feasible living alternatives that adhere to these budgets.

A self sustaining region is one which has achieved ‘resource balance’—using only as much water, energy, and other resources as the region can regenerate. Through research, education and building practice, we will engage the imagination of citizens to implement alternatives such as net-zero energy building and urban agriculture. By living within regional resource budgets, communities measurably mitigate climate change, species extinction and degradation of human communities.

Research and Analyze to determine how global human impacts on critical resources can be brought into balance with the overall needs of a healthy planet—and to:

Establish local goals consistent with global realities.

Educate through collaboration with all parties involved in each of our initiatives.

Design urban systems and places that promote tolerance, social justice, and sustainable cultural metabolism.

Advise development projects, public entities and entrepreneurs on strategies to achieve environmentally responsible new enterprises.

Promote new economic development through principles of resource balance, “natural capitalism,” “zero waste,” human fair share and “Ecological BIll of Rights.”

Construct demonstration projects to help to evolve economic viability for new lifestyles.


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