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Earthos is dedicated to interdisciplinary, multiethnic and intergenerational collaboration to supplement traditional consulting. Because of the rapid pace of change in our times, problem solving has renewed importance. We are particularly intent on rekindling or establishing links between the world of science and that of design.

  1. Creation of Project Appropriate Teams

  2. Coalition Building for Sustainable Projects

  3. Design Collaboration for Place-Making

  4. Management of Scientific/Design Study Teams

  5. Earthos Enterprise Consultation for New Businesses

  6. Oversight and Guidance for Student Research

Bioregional Urbanism

Earthos Enterprise...

Earthos Design...


Earthos is expanding the range of consultants, funders, and other collaborators well beyond the traditional roles in design and project delivery.

Notably, we are bringing global scientists from many specialties, and data analysts onto our project teams.

  1. Social Scientists

  2. Engineers

  3. Physical Scientists

  4. Agronomists

  5. Biologists

  6. Information Technologists

  7. Public Servants

  8. Organizers

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