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Earthos Design combines forty years of experience in “place-making” practice with equally long experience in environmental analysis and ecologically oriented land planning. We have also been teaching these subjects, principally at the Boston Architectural College, since 1972.

  1. Terrain Analysis for Land Planning

  2. Settlement Design for Bioregional Self Sufficiency

  3. Urban Design for Harmonious Lifestyles

  4. Sustainable Architecture & Landscapes

  5. Mixed Use Project Design including Historic Preservation

  6. LiveWork and LiveLearn

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Earthos principals have many working relationships for design projects with:

  1. Civil Engineers

  2. Structural Engineers

  3. HVAC Engineers

  4. Energy Systems Specialists

  5. Lighting Specialists

  6. Acousticians

  7. Water System Specialists

  8. Information Specialists

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Bioregional Urbanism