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Innovation in every aspect of human husbandry of Earth is a critical need. Global feedback data, flowing from GIS, satellite, and land and sea monitors into the world wide web must find its way into the design of all projects. Since our founding in 2009, we have been researching and evolving our
Bioregional Urbanism™  methodology to that end through collaborative knowledge building events, project studies, and numerous presentations:

  1. 28 Oct 2009 — “Self Sufficient Boston” Competition entry

  2. 6 Nov 2009 — Proposed Water Conference Presentation

  3. 10 Jul 2010 — “Learning from Bioregions,” Intern Training

  4. 18 Aug 2010 — “BIOREGIONAL URBANISM at Earthos,” Intern Training

  5. 18 Nov 2010 — American Anthropological Association (AAA),
    Ninian Stein PhD, et al, “Future Boston” Presentation

  6. 13 Jan 2011 — College Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Presentation: “Global Sustainability via Bioregional Urbanism”

  7. 19 Aug 2011 — BIOREGIONAL URBANISM 1.0 publication draft

  8. 3 Feb 3013 — “Earthos Methodology,” Intern Training

  9. 25 Oct 2013— “Bioregional Urbanism Workshop,” Earthos Laboratory

  10. 20 Nov 2013— ABX Boston 2013: “Bioregional Urbanism, A Sustainable Methodology for Designers” Presentation

  11. 15 July 2014— ESRI UC 2014: “Bioregional Urbanism:
    Connecting Scientific Metrics to Design” Presentation

  12. 23 Oct 2014— AASHE 2014: “Bioregional Urbanism on Campus:
    Building Regional Leadership Models” Presentation



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Innovation in creating the “sustainable economy” comes from a very broad range of directions: Ethnic traditions. Arts. Biomimicry. Sciences. To achieve the forward momentum that humans are capable of requires full mobilization.

  1. Environmental Scientists

  2. Materials Technologists

  3. Geologists

  4. GIS Specialists

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